Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Mari Berhitung Sisa Hidupmu (by: Surianto Susan)

   Hi, today i read a good book, it is one of the motivational book. I would like to rewrite the contents of this book which i think is good, n i really want to write it in english although the book is written in indonesian language, because practice makes perfect J

   When i read this book, i just realized (again) that there is something in ourselves where we thought that our life is fine and we through it fine also, until i read this book n made me thought “wht the f*ck i am! Let’s get out from this f*cking small pond.”

   We used to get stuck to move on in this life n lived in our “comfort zone” n never thought that the “zone” where we lived in is actually our obstacle to get more success in this life.

   According to the book which i read, it told us that there is only two obstacles in our life which come from the outside n the inside of ourselves.

   People who like to blame others, blame on circumstances, blame on his destiny, and so forth just like people who like to said, “i don’t understand this lesson because my teacher is never taught this one for me before” or “my business could not go forward because i don’t have enough money to continue this business”, n “bla..bla...”. That one is the example to the people who has the obstacle that come from the outside.

   And in my opinion, the worst is the obstacle that come from in urself, inside. Such as anxiety or fear of failure,  if u get failure then u embarrassed by the words of others people, not confident, too much dependent with others, listen to the words of others (not a word that his own), lazy and procrastinate the works, and so forth.

Well, the last statement is really describe myself n wht i did (˘ε˘ƪ)

   The book told us also “there is no competition in our life”, but in our truely heart said that we worked all these years and have proven that competition does exist n our brain captured it well also (˚˚!!) (!!˚˚) !!

   And now we just realized that is: It seems like have a competition with others, but the truth is it just like a “single running race”, n the fact is: my best rival is my own self! My enemy is my own fear, anxiety, doubt, fear of failure, laziness and his other friends.. Ψ(_ ◂✗)

   The real competition is with our own self. Compete with others are impossible. How we can do a running race if the finish line of each person is different from each others? (in this case, the finish line means the purpose in life).

   According to the book, there is three ways to be successful, they are focus, focus, and focus. Focus are:
1.     Always think positive
2.     Do not take care of other people's problems
3.     Do not speak ill of others
4.     Do not have too much attention of wht people said to us
5.     Use the energy to deal with conditions
6.     Open yourself to the possibilities
7.     Arrange n set the priorities that would be done
8.     Set the targets that would be achieved
9.     Have principles
10.  Just do something that has value and appropriate to the purpose of ur life
11.  Always introspection yourself

   Okay, that's it my post today, i hope we can learn from it and get ourselves more better than yesterday, no one will say it's gonna be easy but i believe that it's gonna be worth, because chance prefer to prepared mind (∩_∩)/